White Water Rafting

Every year we embark on an epic white water rafting adventure on the Black River Canyon, near Watertown, New York. It's a rare whitewater gem ... an unusual warm-water Mecca, where summertime rafting is as good as it gets anywhere. Good old fashion summer camping followed by some adrenaline pumping team work. This trip usually books up months in advanced.

Ski Trip

No time for hibernating! The yearly ski/snowboarding trip is another favorite amongst the crowd. Shredding by day on Hunter or Windham mountains, and relaxing by night at a cozy cabin by the fireplace or in the hot tub. This trip also books early due to the limited amount of space at our winter cabin. This will by far one of the best times you're going to have all winter!

Skeet Shooting

Want to try something new and fun? Compete with friends for the highest score at the closest outdoor shooting range to NYC. Open year around and equipped with lighting for night shooting...there's just something about blasting clay disks from out of the sky. No experience or licensing required, just show up! Follow Adventure Vine to make sure you don't miss out on the next trip!.

Adventure Awaits