Hello everyone! My name is Juan Vicente. I'm a computer network engineer during the week, but an adventurer at heart. I moved to New York from Costa Rica in 2000 just as the world prepared for the Y2K bug to end it all. Little did I know it was all just the beginning.

The following years presented the perfect conditions to begin brewing within me the insatiable curiosity that turned me into the explorer that I am today.  I began discovering the endless possibilities for adventure all around me in 2011. Little by little, I began pushing my limits further and higher as I embarked on mountaineering expeditions and traveled to more isolated destinations.

I discovered you don't have to travel far, or do something extreme to experience life's adventures. There is potential for adventure closer and easier than you think. Adventure allows you to experience life at new levels, and opens you to life changing journeys from which you will discover a new, freer and braver you.

My passion is to help you step out of a life of conformity and monotony, and help guide you into new journeys of exploration and adventure, starting at your level. I want to help you find adventure in your neighborhood, in your state and then further and further until you discover your adventurous spirit that will take you to a new realm of experiences.

After much insistence from friends and family, I founded Adventure Vine, Inc. to share my experiences and findings and to help people step into that adventure that they just aren't sure how to get started.

I am truly excited to share with you my experiences and to help in any way possible.

- Juan Vicente