White Water Rafting

The much anticipated yearly white water rafting trip an all time popular trip! Usually scheduled to occur early June, it offers a great opportunity to make new life long friendships and to bond extra closer with your current ones.

This trip is for everyone! No previous experience or knowledge required. Swimmers and non-swimmers alike can join on an adventure of a lifetime.

The Black River Canyon, near Watertown, New York, is a rare whitewater gem ... an unusual warm-water Mecca, where summertime rafting is as good as it gets anywhere. The narrow canyon forces the river through a constricted passageway where boulders and ledges turn the fast moving water into a maelstrom of whitewater foam and fury.

This is a hang-on-to-your-hats rafting trip, where teamwork and strong paddling are the key. A summertime rafting trip is a real fun-in-the-sun beach-party-style river adventure.

Rapids: Class III-IV+
Minimum Age: 14
On-River Time: 3-4 hours
Total Time: 5-6 hours


DAY 1: We depart on a Saturday morning to arrive at Riverside Acres Campgrounds in Clayton, NY. There we spend the rest of the day and night chilling and enjoying summer to the max! Playing soccer, throwing frisbee, cooling of at the pool or roasting some s'mores at the campfire, there are plenty of activities to enjoy from.

  • Electric hook-ups
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Swimming pool
  • Clean bathrooms and showers

DAY 2: Early Sunday morning we pack up our tents and camp gear and start making our way towards the Whitewater Challenger's meeting spot where we will be fitted with our white water rafting gear. We'll get some safety instructions and then we split up into groups small enough to fit in the rafts and then we take a short bus ride over to the drop-off zone. Each raft is accompanied by a guide that will make sure to take us on the best ride the river has to offer. Mid river we stop to enjoy lunch, and after the trip we have a BBQ dinner waiting for us back at the Black River Bay Campground.